Is this really the best way to make sure the data transfered from your PCW partners is working as expected?

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Which of these


20% of best
quotes go
missing in

"1 in 5 competitive quotes go missing due to mapping on one or another PCW" is the conclusion reached by a major direct writer.



Incorrect/missing material facts jeopardize the efficient payment of claims; corroding customer trust and their confidence in your systems.



The costly and time consuming + client irritating phone follow-up of each and every new customer to make sure that the information received is accurate.

... So PCWs and providers need to make sure that the data mappings are tested regularly for accuracy. 

Testing Problems

Manual testing for mapping problems is tedious and time consuming. It's costly and subject to human error.

Checking services from mystery shoppers* are confined to the marginal PC desktop channel** and their mostly static risks (a necessity for tracking price) are ***fictitious,  they are limited in size and risk-spread.  This static content effectivly blinkers an already limited view of the real world of mapping issues.

*not real risks    **the vast majority of real sales are on mobile devices    ***not YOUR live clients

but now


Advanced Mappings Testing

DeepLinks, our NEW software app performs exhaustive comparitive testing on huge amounts of risk data provided directly from the PCW's to test the REAL data of YOUR live clients that are on your books right now ...


The latest software, designed specifically for the task and already being tested by your PCW partners, takes the pain out of this most important work. 


The PCW testing data comes directly from their mobile & desktop sites in vast* numbers to provide a rolling 4-corner test of your question set.
* (10s of thousands of unique NEW records, recently collected; copies of which are stored in your systems right now)

Cost effective

Powerfull and fast, the software makes light work of getting to the issues. So much so that one delighted senior manager said '... this will save us a fortune'

For many years we provided private car, household and CV  pricing data to intermediated insurers, direct insurers, tele brokers, and industry publications. 

Years and years of experience in processing risk and quote data has been instrumental in creating our easy to use and immensely powerful mappings software app.

Working in partnership with your PCW's, you now have the best possible tools, using the most complete data, to scrutinise and verify that every single piece of data entered by your clients at the PCW's mobile & desktop sites is passed without error into your systems.

Now is the time to check that the data is right.

How it works

Our easy to use DeepLinks software is installed at your premises where members of your team are trained with example data. We are always on hand with video links to advise and assist.

Once DeepLinks is up and running...



The Risk Data

Ask your PCW partner for an export file of the ‘click-through’ risks for a specific time period, containing client risk data and the quote reference numbers.

Your IT team uses the quote refs to export corresponding risk data from your systems to create a second set of data for comparison.

These two data sets can be of different size (risk count), order, column layout and answer-format.  Our clever software deals with it all to make life easy.



The DeepLinks system imports the two sets of data.

Any PII data that is (optionally) included is automatically identified by DeepLinks and is permanently encrypted during the import process for your protection.

The system compares the encryptions and reports on differences whilst keeping the PII data locked away.



DeepLinks sets to work analyzing, comparing and reporting on true problem areas without false alarms from textual formatting differances.

You will easily be able to communicate the nature and intensity of any problems with your partners, resolving the problems and retesting in Deeplinks to confirm their resolution.


Failed Transfer Report

Where the client clicked the  'Go To Provider' link on the PCW's back page, but the data never made it to the provider's system.

Missing Quote Report

Where the client's risk data exists in the provider's system but there is no quote.

Unmatched Data Report

Indicates a problem with how data is interpreted in the mappings and also if mapping faults lose or currupt risk information.

Premium Change

The premium shown on the PCW is different to that given by the provider.

The client cannot buy at the premium offered by the PCW.

A wide choice of options

Our system is compatible with:


Available policy types:

Private Car
Commercial Vehicle

All platforms and browser types:

Both Mobile & Desktop
channels for:

and all other browsers

How often do you need the service?

Either a one-off test or on-going tests at intervals that are best for you

When would you like peace of mind
that your client's data is passed accurately via your most valuable sales channels?


There's more information we can share with you such as example reports, system specification and pricing. Fill in the form and we will get in touch.

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